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a compilation of some of my past work for your consideration. ūüôā

indenpendent projects

some projects that were self-produced throughout my career

Singapore Tourism Board – A New Tomorrow

A look into what was considered to be the toughest year for the travel industry as told by the heroes that make the industry.

Producer’s Note:

I was the sole agency producer for this project and I managed the execution of this project from end-to-end – all in the span of less than 3 weeks.
I wrote the script and storyboard, led the filming process and worked closely with the production house on the editing process.
All in all, this is a project that I hold close to my heart as it is a story of resilience, a trait that I got to flex throughout this entire production process and it also gave me insight as to how much impact the pandemic caused to an entire industry. Nonetheless, seeing how these folks remained positive throughout such a tough time was truly encouraging for me.

Client: Singapore Tourism Board Agency/ Creative: Edelman Singapore (me) | Production: Telescope Studios | Post Production: Telescope Studios

Singapore Tourism Board – World Tourism Day

This World Tourism Day, we celebrate the future of Singapore’s tourism and travel industry.

Producer’s Note:

This was one of the more heartwarming projects that I had the opportunity to produce. Speaking and listening to the stories of these young talents and their aspirations for the future reminded me of how I was like as a young producer starting out in the industry and the sense of hope and desire I had for my passions. 
I remember editing this video (in less than a week) and thinking to myself man – if only I could include more if not all of their stories in this video!

Client: Singapore Tourism Board Agency/ Creative: Edelman Singapore (me) | Production: Telescope Studios | Post Production: Edelman Singapore (me) 

VMware CLAL Isreal Case Study

Produced in Singapore and filmed in Israel – we learn more about CLAL Insurance’s digital transformation journey with VMware.

Producer’s Note:

A video that was produced during the thick of COVID-19, this is one of those examples of how you do not have to physically be on set in order to produce quality videos! I was managing a production team in Israel, while stationed at my office desk in Singapore – making sure that we had close and effective communication in order to run the show smoothly. Overall, one of the more unique productions I have worked on.
And no, I have yet to visit Israel physically but I do hope so one day! 

Client: VMware | Agency/ Creative: Edelman Singapore (me) | Production: Shachar Marketing | Post Production: Edelman Singapore (me)

Blackrock People & Money

Animation piece to raise awareness for Blackrock’s People and Money Digital campaign.

Producer’s Note:

A simple animation piece that was done primarily on After Effects, as a producer that primarily works on Premire Pro Рthis was an opportunity for me to build and flex my After effects skills. 

Client: Blackrock | Agency/ Creative: Edelman Singapore (me) | Post Production: Edelman Singapore (me)

BONUS: Thank You Mom

The cast of Channel 5’s Lion Moms sit through a mock job interview for the World’s Toughest job.

Producer’s Note:

One of the first few video projects I ever did myself.
As a young intern at the age of 19, it was a feat to interview, direct and film these actors – but this will always remain as one of my personal favourite projects due to the emotions that I was able to evoke from these profiles and the strong message it sent across.
Also, this video won a Silver award in the Promax Asia 2016 ceremony. ūüėČ

For: Mediacorp Channel 5 | Creative: Me | Production: Me | Post Production: Me

teamwork makes the dream work

some projects that I led/participated in as a team member

Traffic Police Use Your Road Sense Virtual Show
A live virtual show produced to commemorate the end of a three-year long road awareness campaign. 

Producer’s Note:

I led this project from start to end with a team of two accounts servicing folks and one junior producer who supported me in the production of this virtual show. I worked on the full scripting and storyboarding of all segments, managed all filming and did some of the post-production of the segments.
I was also the decision maker/director of the live stream.
It was great pleasure to create this show as the client gave us full creative liberty to create our own mini TV show (which was streamed on FB Live) and it was also a good opportunity for me to lead and manage an awesome team. 

CLIENT: TRAFFic police | AGENCY/ CREATIVE: EDELMAN SINGAPORE | PRODUCTION: THE Imagine co | POST PRODUCTION: edelman singapore & the imagine co

Design. Develop. Defend.

An integrated recruitment campaign that shines the spotlight on the tech company that nobody talks about. Consisting of brand films, key visuals and digital assets.

Producer’s Note:

One of my first integrated brand campaigns where I was the agency producer.
My key involvements for this project included managing of timelines and budgets, day-to-day third party liaison as well as overseeing photo shoots and post-production delivery.
It was different from the video productions I was used to and it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and work with a full fledged team of art directors, copywriters, photographers and amazing crew members.

Client: MINDEF | Agency/ Creative: Edelman Singapore | Video Production: Chuan Pictures | Video Post Production: Chuan Pictures | Photography Production: Frame by Frame Pictures | Key Visual Design: Edelman Singapore & Frame by Frame Pictures

Key Visuals

Out of Home Distribution

Original by Design Surface Pro

What does it take to be Original by Design – as told by sustainability champion, Samantha Thian for Microsoft Singapore.

Producer’s Note:

I was involved in the scripting and storyboarding phase, as well as managing the video shoot (which lasted till 3AM!)
One of the more stylised pieces I have had the opportunity the produce, we worked with a cinematographer who helped capture and bring our storyboard to life with these amazing shots. I worked together with a co-producer who did an amazing job on the post-production for this and helped to send this powerful message across.


internal comms

some projects that I have produced to help spread positivity within organisations

Microsoft Tech Talk Around Asia Pacific 

Microsoft folks from 10 countries in APAC: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam teach us how to say and sign some of the most-used tech terms in their language.

Producer’s Note:

One of the first few videos I produced with virtual filming, I managed to speak and interact with these interesting folks from all over the region as they shared about their culture and native language  with me to create this video Рsparking some joy in the middle of lockdown.


Microsoft Enabler Programme

The launch video for the Microsoft Enabler Programme – a Microsoft initiative to champion and provide inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities.

Producer’s Note:

Speaking to these two champions who were the pioneering members of this impactful and important initiative helped me to realise the importance of inclusivity in the workplace and how more organisations should come forward and give equal opportunities to all talents – regardless of their background.